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Selecting the right Raman system, The Wasatch Raman Update

Wasatch-PhotonicsRaman spectroscopy began as an experiment into the scattering of light, but C.V. Raman and K.S. Krishnan saw something more. They saw molecules with a voice — molecules waiting to be heard.

With sun as source and photographic plate as detector, it is incredible that they saw Raman scattering at all. But that’s how science works. You get an idea, a whisper of a possibility, and you find the tools to make it real. At Wasatch Photonics, we make those tools. Tools uniquely crafted to the needs of Raman researchers and OEMs; tools with the sensitivity, signal to noise ratio (SNR), speed, and usability to enable the next generation of Raman applications and solutions.

Raman has finally come into its own this century through a convergence of technology and greater understanding of how it can be applied to problems spanning every area of science, industry, security & health. Once a laboratory technique, it is now a viable solution for the factory, the field, and the clinic. As you explore its possibilities, we’re ready to hear you, and find ways together to make them real.

“We’ve made it our mission to close the gap between compact and benchtop spectroscopy system performance for the solution of real world applications, and that’s how we’re bringing Raman to life.”
– Dr. David Creasey, CEO Wasatch Photonics

Selecting the right Raman system can sometimes be a challenging task.
Will it be sensitive & stable enough?
What applications has it conquered?
How can it be configured?
Check out the latest Wasatch brochure for answers!

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