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320 nm Lasers now available at LASOS, they introduce 5 and 10 mW 320 nm systems

Compact DPSS laser emitting at 320 nm. LASOS currently develops a compact diode-pumped solid-state laser emitting several milliwatt of output power at 320nm

320 nm DPSS module Lasos

320 nm Lasos dpss laser
Lasos dpss laser

The choice of suitable laser sources available on the market is very small. Especially, there is no compact and easy to use laser module available with a wavelength less than 355 nm.

LASOS currently develops a compact diode-pumped solid-state laser emitting several milliwatt of output power at 320nm. This laser has been proven to be very well suited for multiplex excitation providing the possibility of highly efficient, cost effective and time saving solutions for a variety of applications. website datasheet icon– Directly frequency-doubled solid state laser 5 mW output at 320 nm

– Directly frequency-doubled solid state laser 10 mW output at 320 nm

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