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​LumiCam 1300 Advanced – for extremely high requirements

Instrument Systems developed the LumiCam 1300 Advanced

with the objective of further enhancing the measuring accuracy of the Lumi Cam 1300 Color, especially regarding color light and narrowband LED color light.

LumiCam Advanced | Instrument Systems
LumiCam Advanced | Instrument Systems

This instrument is based on an innovative concept with 6 filters. Alongside the four optical filters of the Lumi Cam 1300 Color (X’1, X’2, Y’, Z’), two additional filters (K’, L’) are used. In combination with an optimized algorithm, the tristimulus values are calculated much more accurately compared with previous methods.

Measurement of the color coordinates is always critical and has been significantly improved with this patent-pending procedure. The Lumi-Cam 1300 Advanced is therefore the ideal measuring instrument for all applications where precise determination of color coordinates is a top priority.  The Lumi-Cam 1300 Advanced is compatible with the complete range of lenses and accessories in the LumiCam 1300 Family.  All functions of the Lumi-Cam software are also available for the Lumi-Cam 1300 Advanced. If required, it can also be operated like a Lumi-Cam 1300 Mono or Color – with analog measuring times and accuracies. The relevant operating mode can be easily selected in the software. more information


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