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Level UP2: Versatile Systems for Ultrafast Laser Pulse Picking

Eksma Optics did developed our ultrafast laser pulse picking systems to the next level!The new UP2 laser pulse pickers in a setup with an improved pMaster 4.2 timing generator, with the key advantage of simpler installation and operation.

A complete electro-optical pulse picking system can now be controlled via a touchscreen interface, making it easy to set and monitor operating parameters. A set of polarizing optics is now also integrated into the UP2 pulse picker unit to ensure a high contrast rate and optimal system performance. UP2 pulse picker is optimized for pulse selection of ultrafast femtosecond or picosecond lasers operating in 500 – 2000 nm wavelength range.

New features at a glance:

  • Full control via 4“ touchscreen
  • High LIDT polarizing optics
  • Precise HV adjustment
  • Better delay resolution 

External gate control

More info check this


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