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SphereSpectro 150H – UV-VIS-IR spectrophotometer

Shortens the working time in your measurement application and delivers high-precision, absolute measurement results.

Measures the spectral absorption coefficient (µa) and the spectral, effective scattering coefficients (µs – also called reduced scattering coefficient) of diffuse and clear samples, regardless of whether they are solid or liquid.

The table-top device has a large sample space with a clamp holder, which makes inserting the samples just as easy as evaluating them on the screen. An intuitive software package is provided to enable you to “plug & play” evaluation of your scattered or clear media in a matter of seconds.

Ideally suited for material analysis, biophotonics, content determination as well as quality assurance, food analysis, pharmacy or cosmetics.

We recommend this video to give you a quick insight into the innovative technology for the simultaneous determination of the scattering and absorption of a volumetric sample.

For more product Information about the SphereSpectro 150H please follow this link.

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