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Light measurement special 2017


Light measurement special  2017  Highlights
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Light Measurement

This newsflash is fully dedicated to light measurements, with the LED event coming up next week,

  • TLS meets you at the LED event
  • Lightmeasurement handbook
  • Challanges in UV measurement
  • Handheld flicker & photometer
  • Understand luminous and radiant intensity, and uniformity characterization

Enjoy reading,
Esther, Ben, Monique, Danny & Roland

Led Event Meet us there!

The LED Event takes place on

  • November 29th Technopolis, Mechelen,
  • November 30th Congres centre 1931 Brabanthallen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

R&D managers, engineers, developers, and lighting designers bring the LED Event a visit to see the newest possibilities. The increasing possibilities of electronics and the rapid development of LED technology offering more opportunities to create LED applications.
The LED Event is the opportunity to get properly and fully informed of your activities.

We will give a lecture about: LED Flicker – where we are with test methods and standards?

Get your free entrance ticket here

Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology
for only 50 Euro at the Led event and save 28 euro.

Rapid developments in LEDs over the past decade have created a major growth market with completely new applications. Full color displays for large areas only became possible with the introduction of high-intensity blue LEDs, while highpower white LEDs are becoming widely used in general lighting and the automotive industry.

These applications have placed increasingly stringent demands on the optical characterization of LEDs and Solid-State Lighting devices. Specific expertise is needed in order to achieve precise and reproducible results.

This handbook discusses the special characteristics of LEDs and emerging OLEDs. It provides an overview of state-of-the-art measurement equipment and gives recommendations for obtaining accurate measurement results. The main goal of this handbook is to give readers new to this subject an introduction into LED metrology. However, this handbook is also a useful reference work for more experienced readers.

  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Pro BUSINESS Verlag; 1st edition (2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 3864606438
  • ISBN-13: 978-3864606434

At the LED event we the Hardcover Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology can be purchased for the special price of € 50,-
Pay cash and take the book with you! When the stock is gone, we will ship you the handbook within a couple of days.

Paper: Challenges in UV Measurement

Over the past decade UV LEDs have emerged as a highly attractive alternative to conventional UV emission sources. They are cost effective and energy efficient devices in a small housing. These advantages allow new fields of applications and access to a larger group of users – even in the consumer market, e.g. water purification. Dr. Tobias Roesener, Product Manager at Instrument Systems, explains what makes accurate measurement of UV LEDs so complicated and what the crucial requirements on the measurement equipment are. In addition, he discusses calibration and stray light issues.

download here your copy!

Handheld Flicker measurement device

Evaluating the flicker of LED lighting systems requires an extremely high level of precision due to the rapid response of LEDs to changes in the electrical supply. Such evaluations are done by measuring the amplitude and frequency of any modulation of  the light (flicker measurement using the BTS256-EF).
The pulse width modulation implemented in many LED drivers makes it necessary to also consider higher frequencies in flicker evaluation.

BTS256-EF – Highquality, handheld meter with flicker evaluation function

In addition to the complete photometric and colorimetric capabilities of the BTS256-E handheld, the BTS256-EF also performs light flicker measurement.  This makes the BTS256-EF the perfect spectral light meter for comprehensive measurements of lighting systems, you can easily measure both lighting and flicker properties. This is made possible by the fast Si photodiode within its BiTec sensor and its associated high bandwidth amplifier. The device can be used to measure flicker frequencies in the range between 0.25 Hz and 5 kHz. It displays flicker index, percentage and frequency as well as min and max illuminance.  The BTS256-EF also determines the FFT for clear illustration of other frequency components and their percentage share.

At the LED event we are more then happy to demonstrate the BTS256-EF, with a test booth where you can see the difference between light with a flicker component and flicker free light.

Understand luminous and radiant intensity, and uniformity characterization

In the October issue of LEDs Magazine, the article “Understand how to measure luminous flux and radiant power” cov­ered some of the basics of metrology for the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry. This article continues the metrology theme, covering luminous and radiant intensity measurements and pro­viding a discussion of uniformity and glare.

The prior article and this article have been excepted from a chapter of the newly-published Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology reference book.

Download the article here.

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We look forward to supplying you with all the material and information you need and answering any question.
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