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Newsflash May / June 2017

May – June 2017  Highlights
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We are pleased to provide you following product update’s and announcements

  • Meet us at Photonics Event Veldhoven June 14th
  • Meet us at LASER world of Photonics 26-29 june Muncich
  • Instrument Systems release of the LumiTop
  • Photonics Industries
  • LaserVision lasersafety

Enjoy reading,
Esther, Ben, Monique, Danny & Roland


Photonics Event – June 14th 2017.

Visit us at the Photonics Event, June 14th 2017, Koningshof – Veldhoven.
During the event there is a scientific program details can be found here

Get your free ticket here

LASER World of Photonics Munich

From the 26th till the 29th of June the Laser world of Photonics will be held in Munich.

We are there to facilitate meetings between you and our partners, during this largest Photonics show of the European continent. It will be held together with the world of Photonics Congress.

If you are looking for a meeting with our partners to discuss your projects or want to learn whats new….
Let us know so we can schedule an appropriate time for you.

Look forward to seeing you at the Laser World of Photonics.

Our partners that are attending the Laser show: Photonics Industries, Instrument Systems, OZ Optics, LASOS, Sios, Eksma Optics, Gigahertz-Optik, Duma Optronic, Energetiq, Fiberware, Signal Recovery, LaserVision, Amphos, Manx Precision Optics, Gooch and Housego,


Instrument Systems

New imaging colorimeter LumiTop 2700 and further innovations!

“Lab specs meet production speed” – with the new, spectrally enhanced LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter Instrument Systems now opens up new dimensions in display measurement!

LumiTop 2700As an all-in-one system consisting of a high-end spectroradiometer, high-resolution CCD RGB camera and precise flicker-diode, the LumiTop 2700 enables complete qualification of displays of all kinds with maximum precision and minimum measurement time.
This unique combination of instruments can handle virtually all standard tasks in end-of-line tests for display production. Efficient software solutions are available for simple integration into the respective facility, reliable control of the measurement system and convenient evaluation of the measurement results.
The innovative concept references camera measurements to a central measurement with the respective spectroradiometer from the proven CAS series. Comparisons to golden samples or complex user calibrations, as required in the measurement systems hitherto used, are thus rendered completely superfluous. When performing (in many respects demanding) 2D measurement of OLED displays, for example, this is an enormous advantage!

Want to know more about the LumiTop, contact Monique or Roland

Photonics Industries

Prismaword finalist RG Series Pico-Second Amplified Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers will be at the Laser Show in Munich!
It can produce over 5mJ per pulse at 1kHz and more than 70 Watts at 1MHz at 1064nm with the widest Range of ps Pulse Widths available:

  • <15 ps standard
  • Optional 20 – 200 ps

This all, while still maintaining TEM00 mode quality in a compact, industrial reliable package with our new All-in-one single box design. This innovative design simplifies installation, provides better reliability and yields more space saving by removing the need to manage a separate controller/power supply box and umbilical cable. It is the most compact ps laser with the highest pulse energy in kHz range in the market. Harmonic output such as 532nm, 355nm and 266nm can be ordered as needed.Photonics Industries RG series


  • Small form factor, all-in-one compact laser head
  • Industrial grade
  • Diode pumped technology
  • Variable rep rate: [RG-L] single shot to 5kHz / 1kHz or [RG-H] single shot to 2MHz
  • Excellent beam quality, M2 typically<1.3
  • Wide range of powers and harmonic options available
  • RS232 Computer Control

Laservision Logo

LaserVision lasersafety !

Laser safety goggles based on coated or absorptive plastic or glass filters are the core business of laservision. Unlike many other manufacturers, which are focused mainly on one technology only, laservision is using all technologies to design and manufacture laser safety products. Bases on more than 20 years of history laservision has long lasting experience on all relevant fields of technology.

This includes processing of different materials as well as manufacturing capabilities of absorbing and reflective filters and combination of these technologies to design the optimum laser protection for all laser users. Our own product and market focussed research and development ensures in close cooperation with leading suppliers a continously improved product development. Coatings on glass or plastic substrates are designed, optimiseed and produced on the own PVD facility.

Engagement with standardisation institutes

By actively engaging with various national and international standardisation institutes for laser safety regulations (international level: ISO/TC94/SC6 – Occupational Eye-Protection; European level: TC85 – Eye-Protection Equipment; national level: Normenausschuss Feinmechanik und Optik NaFuO/AA Augenschutz), laservision has become a competent partner in laser safety. In addition laservision participates in international research projects for laser safety (e.g. SAFEST, VELP). A close cooperation with scientific research institutes in Germany and Europe has been established and allows the transfer of knowledge gained in this work to laservision’s own products

Product portfolio of laservision

  • Laser safety eyewear based on all available technologies
  • Coatings on glass and plastic filters
  • Absorbing glass and plastic filters
  • Mineral glass laser safety windows
  • Large area acrylic or plastic laser protection windows
  • Laser safety curtains, slats and barriers
  • Spare parts and accessories

Want to know more about the Laservision safety products, contact Danny

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We look forward to supplying you with all the material and information you need and answering any question.
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