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September 2017 Highlights

September 2017  Highlights
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With the holidayseason behind us, we are ready for the 2nd half of 2017. In this news letter we would like to inform you about some interesting product lines which we have added, new products and introductions. More will follow!!!

  • Zolix Spectroscopy Instrumentation
  • LASOS LGS stabalized HeNe
  • Amphos 300W highpower ultrafast laser
  • SIOS tradeshow
  • Meet us at LED event 2017 Belgium & Netherlands
  • Meet us at Precision Fair 2017

Enjoy reading,
Esther, Ben, Monique, Danny & Roland

Zolix Instruments / Spectroscopy

Per August 2017 we represent Zolix Instruments. They designs spectrographs, light sources, detectors, optical components and optics-based solutions for the scientific research. We are proud of partnering with them and our customers to solve your most challenging problems in a professional, unique, innovative ways.

Established in 1999, Zolix has over many years of knowledge and expertise across a broad range of technologies allowing the company to continually deliver innovative products in the areas of photonics instrumentation, optical components etc.      In addition, Zolix has a professional experience of partnering with OEM customers, delivering solutions from sub assemblies to full solutions including design, testing and manufacturing.

About Products

Zolix has strong core technologies with patents in scientific instruments. There are many technical engineers engaged in the R&D and production, and kinds of successful international cooperation cases. The powerful technical strength ensures the possibility to serve the customers complete solutions.

Download here the full colour catalog with instrumentation


Instrument Systems

LASOS LGS series – for high precision measurement

Although solid-state laser technology is gaining more and more importance, the number of gas laser manufacturer is decreasing globally, for some applications HeNe-laser have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The outstanding performance, price and lifetime are only some arguments for the continuing usage of HeNe-laser in high-precision measurement instruments.

Besides the broad range of different types of He-Ne tubes and modules LASOS has extended its He-Ne laser series by a new, stabilized laser model. Whereas in the past LASOS offered HeNe-tubes as OEM products for the assembly of stabilized modules only, now a complete system is available. With the new LGS laser series LASOS reacts to increasing customer enquiries and requests for a compact solution for different measurement purposes. It is suitable for OEM applications as well as for laboratory use. High-precision inteferometric length and surface measurement as well as holographic measurements are only some of the wide range of applications for stabilized HeNe-lasers.

The just launched intensity stabilized LGS 7662, the first member of the LGS laser series, offers 0.6 mW output power. Further models with higher output power and frequency stabilization are currently under development.

Want to know more about these HeNe’s, contact Monique or Roland

Amphos, 300W Highpower Ultrafast Laser

Having an output power of 300W, pulse energy of 1mJ and pulse duration below 1ps the new AMPHOS300 is ideally suited for all kinds of micro machining applications like cutting, drilling and surface structuring.

The compact laser system is extremely flexible: repetition rate from single shot to 40MHz can be used and the pulse duration can be chosen continuously from 1ps to 10ps. Pulse bursts with up to 50 pulses per burst can be set to optimize the process efficiency.

As an option a SHG module can be integrated to switch between IR and Green output with an efficiency of >50%.

In combination with optimized processing tools like polygon scanner, multibeam optics and galvo scanners the AMPHOS 300 is the perfect solution for significant increase in productivity.

Sios Tradeshow – 26th September – Ilmenau

The SIOS Hausmesse 2017 will take place from 10 am to 5 pm in Ilmenau / Thüringen and will give you the opportunity to learn about the new and advanced developments of SIOS precision measuring instruments in a personal atmosphere.

The focus is this year:
• 4-beam calibration interferometer SP 15000 C5 with new functions
• New interferometer series for industrial applications
• Highly stable differential interferometer
• Precision temperature measurement technology, also suitable for wireless temperature detection
• Demonstration of the application possibilities of further precision measuring devices such as the NMM-1 nanometer and the NA vibration analyzer

Take advantage of the opportunity:
• for individual expert discussions with our experts from the various areas (design / engineering / application / software)
• for the discussion of your specific measurement tasks and the possibilities for customized solutions
• to attend specialist lectures
• to discuss joint development projects.

In addition to short talks, the day program will provide enough space for individual conversations.
On request, call centers can already be arranged in advance.
The catering and the conference drinks are included in the participation fee of 80,00 € per company (for up to 3 persons).
Please note that the presentations will be held in German.

Want to know more about this event, call Danny

LED event 2017 Belgium and The Netherlands

The LED Event takes place in Technopolis, Mechelen, on the 30th of November and in Congresscentre 1931 Brabanthallen in Den Bosch on the 1st of December.
R&D managers, engineers, developers, and lighting designers bring the LED Event a visit to see the newest possibilities. The increasing possibilities of electronics and the rapid development of LED technology offering more opportunities to create LED applications.
The LED Event is the opportunity to get properly and fully informed of your activities.


Meet us @ Precision fair, 15 – 16 November 2017

On 15 and 16 November 2017, the 17th edition of the successful Precision Fair takes place.
This event is accessible free of charge and takes place at NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven.
The Precision Fair has grown to become the meeting point for precision technology.

Te Lintelo Systems will be there on the same spot as last year (and the years before.)

get your ticket here

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We look forward to supplying you with all the material and information you need and answering any question.
For more information please contact us at: or by phone: +31 (0)316 340804.

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