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Monitoring Sugar Content in Cereal

NeoSpectra - CerealMonitoring Sugar Content in Cereal

Did you know the common nutritional label on your box of cereal may be reporting a 20% variance of the actual sugar content?

This application note explores the testing and monitoring of sugar content in breakfast cereals using Si-Ware Systems’ NeoSpectra spectral sensors.

“NeoSpectra spectral sensors are a great potential alternative for the analysis of sugar content in cereal, with a lot of benefits that enable wide adoption by different types of users. Being miniaturized, low cost, and able to be produced in large quantities, it can be used by producers, quality checkers, health-watchers, dietitians, and even consumers to verify the correctness of the nutrient label data.”

This application note proves the NeoSpectra-Module’s ability to, “estimate sucrose levels in breakfast cereals providing equivalent results to that of HPLC methods.” Read the full application note to learn more about the testing methods used to prepare and analyze the cereal samples.

The application note concluded that, “NeoSpectra spectral sensors provide the best performance for determination of sucrose levels in breakfast cereals.”

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