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New Generation of High Pulse Energy Air-Cooled Low SWaP Lasers for Aero and Sensing Apps

Photonics IndustriesOur Partner Photonics Industries, “The Pioneer of Intracavity Solid-State Harmonic Lasers”, uniquely combines its proficiency in intracavity harmonic generation with end pumping diodes to create remarkably efficient next generation intracavity harmonic diode pulse pumped lasers;

— the DP Series.

The DP Series remarkably produces up to 20mJ of optical output while consuming only ~40W of electrical power (as much as 20x less than comparable competitors)! The low size, weight and power (i.e., SWaP) performance of Photonics Industries next-gen intracavity harmonic diode pulse pumped lasers is a key attribute for Military, Aerospace, Defense and Sensing applications.

Photonics Industries patented intracavity UV generation has a non-consumable THG crystal that makes complicated crystal indexing schemes unnecessary. This allows for a simpler optical resonator for more stability and less sensitivity to ambient temperature changes enabling Photonics Industries to offer the smallest form factor, rugged, monolithic UV laser head that is lightweight enough to be mounted on movable platforms.

Please see page 45 of this month’s issue of Photonics Spectra for full details on this laser and the applications it enables!

High-Pulse-Energy Air-Cooled Lasers

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