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Newsflash June 2018 | PhotonicsEvent Enschede

Newsflash – June – 2018
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June 2018 update

Meet us at the yearly held PhotonicsEvent by PhotonicsNL on June 19th 2018
The event will take place this year at the Galery Enschede.

With this newsflash we want to inform you on highlights, product introductions and other photonics news.

  • Photonics Event Enschede 19 June 2018
  • IBS Coated Mirrors with High Transmission
  • Fused Fiber Collimators for High Power Applications
  • Extreme UV Sources Fill the Gap

Enjoy reading,
Esther, Ben, Monique, Danny & Roland

Logo Eksma opticsIBS Coated Mirrors with High Transmission

Our partner Eksma optics has extended the range of IBS (Ion Beam Sputtering) coated optics in their standard catalogue selection. A range of dichroic mirrors and Nd:YAG laser line harmonic separators with high transmission (T>98%) can now be ordered with quick delivery.

Dichroic mirrors, featuring high transmission at laser pump wavelengths

HR@1064nm+HT@808nm or HR@1028-1080nm+HT@965-982nm
Transmitted wavelength, T>98%
Back side anti-reflection coated, R<0.1%
Typical laser damage threshold >10 J/cm2, 10 nsec, 1064 nm, 10 Hz

High transmission ND:Yag laser line harmonic separators

HR@1064nm+HT@532nm or HR@532nm+HT@1064nm
Transmitted wavelength, T>99%
Back side anti-reflection coated, R<0.1%
Typical laser damage threshold >10 J/cm2, 10 nsec pulse, 1064 nm, 10 Hz

Call Danny or Monique for more info.

Fused Fiber Collimators for High Power Applications

Our partner OZ Optics Limited, now offers fiber collimators using fusion splice technology to fuse the fiber end directly onto a collimating lens.
This creates a permanent connection with no epoxies in the optical path and no glass/air interfaces between the fiber and the lens. The result is a compact collimator capable of handling extremely high laser powers, in excess of 1kW average power.

Fused fiber collimators can be made using singlemode fibers, polarization maintaining fibers, large mode area fibers, and double clad fibers. This makes them ideal for high power fiber laser systems used for laser machining and laser welding. Collimators can be built for a variety of wavelengths and beam properties. OZ Optics specializes in custom assemblies designed especially for your applications.

The compact size of fused fiber collimators also make them well suited for manufacturing more complex devices for high power fiber laser systems, including isolators, ASE filters and beam combiners. OZ Optics can now offer such products for you incorporating fused fiber collimator technology. For detailed specifications and additional information about these and other products, contact TLS.

Logo EnergetiqExtreme UV Sources Fill the Gap

Recent advances in nonaccelerator techniques have ushered in commercially available sources of extreme UV radiation.

Read here the full article on

Call Roland for more info or more info can be found here!


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