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Newsflash May 2018 TLS

Newsflash – May – 2018
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May 2018 update

With this newsflash we want to inform you on highlights, product introductions and other photonics news.

  • The Hyperchromator, a highly efficient monochromator for LDLSTM
  • SPF testing, 6 ports Output Solar Simulator
  • Calibration Interferometer, up to 5 degee’s of freedom
  • Optical Attenuators, to monitor laser beams up to 500W
  • Spectroradiometer for high quality outdoor VIS Measurements
  • HeNe Laser series from LASOS
  • Housekeeping

Enjoy reading,
Esther, Ben, Monique, Danny & Roland

Logo EnergetiqThe Hyperchromator a highly efficient monochromator for LDLS™ from Energetiq

Our partner Mountain Photonics did develop a hypermonochromator, which is a high throughput monochromator originally designed for the LDLS.

With fast optics, up to f/1.5, it efficiently collects the light directly from the small plasma spot of the light source without an entrance slit. This monochromator is optimized for monochromatic illumination applications where a tunable output from a point source is required. Additionally, white light output is available (zero order reflection).mountain photonics

The output port has been designed with a very flexible opto-mechanical interface. This allows for a multitude of illumination or light coupling options using standard catalog components, rendering the integration of the Hyperchromator into your setup hassle free and straight-forward. Possible configurations include fiber coupling, collimated or free-beam output.

The Hyperchromator is motorized and may be controlled via USB/RS232 and an intuitive GUI.
Options for external control include LabVIEW, Python and others.

TUNABLE LIGHT SOURCE consists of the Hyperchromator plus an ultra broadband, free-beam plasma source.
The EQ-99X laser-driven-light-source from Energetiq Technologies utilizes a diode laser to drive a highintensity plasma, which emits light from 170nm
through visible into near infrared. It provides life-time an order of magnitude longer than traditional lamps. Its supreme stability allows to work without an input slit.

Call Roland for more info or More info can be found here!

SPF Testing 6 ports Output Solar Simulator

We are happy to announce we partnered up with Solar Light and would like to indroduce Solar Light’s advanced Model 601 Multiport® SPF Testing Solar Simulator, the industry standard for high throughput SPF testing and dermatological studies.

It produces UVA or UVA+B (290-400nm) from its 6 individual 8mm square outputs, each of which can be controlled separately. Up to 6 tests can be performed simultaneously in a short period of time, dramatically increasing lab productivity.
The output intensity is rated up to 4 MEDs per minute, and can be controlled by the adjustment knobs on each port, as well as via the included XPS-300 power supply. The output is approximately 20 times the intensity of the sun, and simulates the ultraviolet spectrum of the sun with over 90% homogeneity. A built-in locking Articulation Arm assures precise light guide placement on subjects.

Solar Light Solar Simulators are used in 95% of SPF testing laboratories globally, and meet the latest ISO, FDA, JCIA, and COLIPA spectral irradiance standards. Everything required to begin testing is included with the 601 Multiport®: The 6-Port Simulator, DCS-2 Automated Dose Controller, NIST-Traceable PMA-Series SUV and UVA Sensors, Safety Glasses, and a starter pack of 100 disposable Hypoallergenic Placement Pads. An optional Point of Service Cart for the 601 Multiport® is available with 2 dimensional electronic actuators to allow accurate placement of the light guides, and includes a fixture to carry the power supply, a stand for the radiometer, and a desktop for note taking as shown.

More info can be found here!

Calibration Interferometer, up to 5 DOF (degree’s of freedom)

At the end of April, Sios has presented their latest interferometer developments, the SP 15000C series. The triple beam interferometer for large measuring ranges (up to 15 m and more) includes an additional straightness measurement based on the combination of a Wollaston prism and a straightness reflector. Measurements of 5 degrees of freedom are possible.

SP 15000 C Series

  • Synchronous, continuous
    5 DOF-measurement of length, pitch and yaw angle as well as straightness
  • Horizontal and vertical components of axis straightness are measured by a rotatable optics.
  • Calibration software according to currently applicable standards
  • Easy handling and adjustment by integrated beam direction detection
  • Beam deflection with an optional adjustable deflection mirror

A special feature of the detector is its remote-controlled shutter, which allows a dark level measurement to be made at any time.

More info can be found here! Call Danny for more info!

Optical Attenuators to monitor Laser Beam Profiles up to 500W

Gentec electro optics AttenuatorOur laser power/beam measurement partner Gentec Electro Optics just launched 3 models of laser beam samplers to expand the use of the beam profiling cameras for laser beams with power to up to 500W.

Three models are offered: 60W, 150W and 500W. With its uncoated optics and full metal body, the BA optical attenuator is both rugged and broadband. The beam splitter works in two steps.
At the first wedge, a fraction of the input power is picked off, while the residual beam is transmitted, almost undisturbed. At the second wedge, an even smaller fraction of the power is sent to the output, which can be either a beam profiling camera or any other sensitive detector. Their high damage thresholds and modular design made them the obvious choice, with the added bonus of providing a fully-functional power detector!

  •  Up to 500W
  •  Broadband
  •  Large 16 mm Ø Aperture
  •  Polarization-insensitive
  •  Compatible with our beam profiling cameras
  • 150W and 500W models include a fully calibrated power detector

More info can be found here!

Spectroradiometer for high-quality outdoor VIS measurements

The BTS2048-VL-TEC-WP is a high-quality spectralradiometer whose compact design and elaborate optical, electronic and mechanical interfaces make it ideal for high precision outdoor VIS measurements. Due to its spectrometer design and optional stray light reduction by the well know Zong or Nevas matrix methods it is able to measure solar radiation with a good straylight reduction performance. With the included S-BTS2048 application software precise measurements and data analysis can be intuitive performed.
In addition, for the UV spectral range with the complementary BTS2048-UV-S-WP a high resolution and even better device in terms of stray light reduction is available.

The housing of the BTS2048-VL-TEC-WP is designed for outdoor measurements. The cooled back thinned CCD and the spectrometer unit are temperature controlled in a second housing. In this housing humidity is removed by an exchangeable cartridge. To avoid dust, rain or snow on the entrance optics the quartz dome is blow-dried by warm air.

One of the outstanding features of this exceptional spectroradiometer is its BiTec sensor. This combines the special properties of a photodiode with those of a back-thinned CCD diode array. Through bilateral correction of measurement signals from both sensors, the BiTec sensor ensures precise radiometric and spectral-radiometric measurement values over a large dynamic range.

More info can be found here & here

Instrument Systems

LASOS HeNe-Laser series – for high precision measurement

Although solid-state laser technology is gaining more and more importance, the number of gas laser manufacturer is decreasing globally, for some applications HeNe-laser have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The outstanding performance, price and lifetime are only some arguments for the continuing usage of HeNe-laser in high-precision measurement instruments.

Besides the broad range of different types of He-Ne tubes and modules LASOS has extended its He-Ne laser series by a new, stabilized laser model. Whereas in the past LASOS offered HeNe-tubes as OEM products for the assembly of stabilized modules only, now a complete system is available. With the new LGS laser series LASOS reacts to increasing customer enquiries and requests for a compact solution for different measurement purposes. It is suitable for OEM applications as well as for laboratory use. High-precision inteferometric length and surface measurement as well as holographic measurements are only some of the wide range of applications for stabilized HeNe-lasers.

The just launched intensity stabilized LGS 7662, the first member of the LGS laser series, offers 0.6 mW output power. Further models with higher output power and frequency stabilization are currently under development.

Want to know more about these HeNe’s, contact Monique or Roland


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