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Optical Surface Contamination Imaging System

Our partner Salvo Technology’s revolutionary surface contaminant detection imaging system allows users to ensure surfaces are clean and free of any bio-contamination residues in a rapid and effective fashion. Within seconds, the Optical Surface Contamination Imaging System from Salvo Technologies provides users with an indication of whether a surface or material is clean and free of transferable contaminants.

“In these extremely uncertain times, with all the concern involving surface contamination exposure, we at Salvo Technologies understand the importance of having a viable way to rapidly check surfaces to determine that they are clean and free of harmful germs” stated Phil Buchsbaum, VP of Business Development. “With the help of our engineering experts and dedicated staff that possess decades of extensive knowledge in optical detection and biological contaminant imaging, we decided to rapidly develop a cost-effective optical detection device that utilizes our patented multispectral imaging technology.”

This economical, user-friendly and highly effective platform can be utilized to detect many harmful germs and enable industry cleaning professionals to know that their protocol is working effectively. An extremely valued-added system for such industries as hotels, cruise ships, aircrafts and trains, this device gives patrons a needed confidence that the sterilization and cleaning methods being practiced have been effective, and that pervasive bio-contaminants are not a present threat.

For more information on our Optical Surface Contamination Imaging System, please contact Roland

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