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Precision Polishing and IBS Thin Film Coating

Our partner EKSMA Optics in-house manufacturing facilities allow them to offer great flexibility in the production of custom optical lenses. They aim to meet the highest precision requirements, whether it‘s prototyping or batch production.

And now they can do it FAST!

we can deliver plano-convex and plano-concave lenses:

Uncoated Lenses – 2 weeks ARO

Anti-Reflection Coated Lenses – 3 weeks ARO

from a single piece up to 200 piece batches

Specifications of lenses for fast fabrication:

  • Custom focal length or radius of curvature
  • Diameter – ø12.7 – 50.8 mm
  • Material – UV grade fused silica

Custom IBS or E-beam antireflection coatings designed for your application.

Challenge us with your requirements for high-precision and on-time production of custom spherical lenses. Send your inquiry with a request for FAST DELIVERY and you will get our offer in one business day!

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