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Ultra-stable differential laser interferometer SP 5000 DI

Our partner SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH introduces their ultra-stable differential laser interferometer SP 5000 DI. Which is characterised by its unique thermal stability and can be used for long-term measurements in research and development, such as for material testing.

Thanks to its design, with an external reference beam, the measurement system can be placed at a longer distance from the measurement location without significantly affecting the resolution or stability of the measurement. The length resolution of the interferometer is 5 pm and this can be achieved even under normal laboratory conditions thanks to the differential principle of the measurement system.

The measurement range for length measurement is several meters if tilt-invariant reflectors are used for the measurements. The system has a modular design and can therefore be adapted to specific measurement tasks, for instance in OEM configurations as feedback system. Adjustments can be made simply and with long-term stability. The construction of multi-axis systems on the basis of the SP 5000 DI interferometer also allows multi-coordinate measurements.

This interferometer is ideal for long-term measurements with exacting stability requirements. For more information, please contact Monique!

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