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Spectro 320 – the most accurate and universal Spectrometer

The Spectro 320 is based on an innovative Fast-Scan technology that combines accurate and fast measurements with high dynamic range. The Spectro 320 is in addition a feature-rich system, making it a truly flexible and universally applicable spectrometer. Fully equipped the Spectro 320 houses 3 gratings and 3 detectors and covers an enormous spectral range from 190 to 5000 nm.
Spectro 320D Instrument Systems
The Spectro 320 is available as a single or as a double monochromator (Spectro 320D). The Fast-Scan technology is in particular advantageous in the double monochromator configuration. The diffraction gratings of both monochromator stages are mounted on the same rotating axis, eliminating synchronization errors und guaranteeing short acquisition times in association with high wavelength accuracy.


  • Fast-Scan technology for high wavelength accuracy and signal dynamic combined with short measurement times
  • up to 190 – 5000 nm spectral range in a single scan
  • optional cooled photomultiplier as well as cooled silicon and extended InGaAs detectors (up to 2150 nm) are available
  • programmable spectral resolution (bandpass) and wavelength steps
  • integrated optical density and order sorting filter wheels
  • RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces
  • standard SCPI command protocol for simple remote control and programming
  • optional Optical Port with optical output and detector input ports


  • truly universal spectrometer for a multitude of laboratory applications
  • high-end spectroradiometer for the UV-VIS-IR range (e.g. UV-B, solar radiation)
  • high resolution spectral analysis, e.g. of laser diodes and spectral emission lines
  • NVIS measurements according to MIL-L-85762A or MIL-STD-3009

Technical Specifications:

Spectro 320 Scanning Spectrometer

Wavelength range

190 – 5000 nm (with 3 gratings and 3 detectors)

Spectral resolution

0.2 nm (0.1 *HR) – 10 nm; programmable slit wheel

Datapoint interval

0.05 nm (0.01 nm *HR)

Wavelength accuracy

+/- 0.1 nm; (+/- 0.03 nm *HR)

Signal sensitivity

Si detector: 5*10-11 W/nm; PMT: 5*10-15 W/nm

Scan times

12 – 500 msec / nm

Stray light

Spectro 320: 10-5 ; Spectro 320D: 10-9

*HR: high resolution encoder (optional)

Product image(s)

Spectro 320D Instrument Systems


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