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Rotary Micro Stages

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M3-RS Rotary Smart Stage
Angular Micro positioning module with embedded controller

Smallest size, high resolution, unmatched ease of use

This miniature, “all-in-one” rotary positioning stage has closed-loop position resolution better than 0.022 degrees with absolute position feedback. it provides point-to-point angular positioning with closed-loop bandwidth of ~100Hz.

All drive electronics, embedded firmware, patented piezoelectric motors, position sensors and bearings are integrated into a module less than 12 x 22 x 16 mm. With no need for an external controller, this smart stage enables smallest system size in hand-held and portable instruments.

The embedded controller also means rapid and easy integration into your system. It accepts direct input of high-level digital motion commands from your system processor over UART, SPI, I2C or analog servo interface. It needs only 3.3 V DC and can be powered by USB or standard batteries.

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