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Ultrashort-pulse (USP) lasers, webinar from Photonics Industries

Photonics IndustriesUltrashort-pulse (USP) lasers, both picosecond and femtosecond, are now available from a large number of manufacturers with new players entering the field at a rapid pace. These lasers are now being used extensively in production environments, allowing the microprocessing of materials and in applications that are not possible using longer-pulse-length lasers.

The cost of these lasers is also dropping, making them much more affordable for manufacturing applications. Available power levels continue to increase, but power does not necessarily scale in all (or even in most) applications.

This webinar will focus on pico- and femtosecond lasers and in particular the differences between them and when to use one or the other in particular applications.

This webcast is now available for on-demand viewing should you wish to view it again or recommend to colleagues. It will be hosted on the Laser Focus World website at or accessible directly from the link below:


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