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Universal Optical DNA Detection System for pathogens.

Universal Optical DNA Detection System for pathogens including, COVID-19, SARS, EBOLA, CHOLERA, SALMONELLA, ETC.


OZ Optics offers an exceptionally affordable yet reliable optical DNA/detection system based on Loop-mediated isothermal am-plification (LAMP). Much like polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification, LAMP is a highly sensitive method of DNA detec-tion that creates millions to billions of copies of a target DNA from a minute amount of sample RNA or DNA. However unlike PCR, LAMP applies an isothermal process that does not require ex-pensive and complex equipment, as well as time consuming ther-mal cycling. It is a more cost-effective and rapid system. LAMP is especially ideal for rapid diagnosis of pathogens or infectious diseases, with results usually within 30 minutes and for high viral loads less than 20 minutes.

The LAMPPY™ system uses an array of high powered LEDs, photodiodes and filters for real-time quantitative detection. Sam-ples to be tested are first mixed with a solution of primers and en-zymes as well as an intercalating dye, then dispensed in standard 0.1 mL PCR tubes with flat caps, commonly known as low-profile PCR tubes. Acceptable sample volumes can be between 5 to 125 μL (10–30 μL recommended). OZ Optics does not provide the solutions/kits. Instead, we collaborate with companies who make these solutions/kits for specific applications and pathogens. The instrument can work with many different solution kits for different pathogens. For that reason we consider it to be a universal DNA/RNA detection system.

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