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New high-speed pulse energy detectors for high repetition rate lasers up to 10 kHz

Logo Gentec-eo Te Lintelo SystemsOur partner Gentec-EO has announced the QE12HR and QE25HR pulse energy detectors. Its specially designed for use with Q-switched lasers and pulsed laser diodes, these sensors feature an improved temporal response to accurately measure pulse-to-pulse energy at high repetition rates up to 10 kHz.

The sensors are ideal for use in micromachining, research applications and range finding, the QE-HR energy detectors operate over a wide range of wavelengths, energy densities, and repetition rates.
They are available in a variety of configurations so you can pick the best combination for your application, contact our application engineers to discuss the best combination.

  • Heatsink cooling for high average powers.
  • Built-in diffuser for high energy densities.
  • A choice of 2 aperture sizes for different energy levels and beam sizes.
  • A choice of optical absorber materials: MB for high damage thresholds, MT for the fastest repetition rate.

Each detector is calibrated across the full spectrum, from the UV to the NIR, to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

While QE12HR and QE25HR pulse energy detectors can be operated with any of Gentec-EO’s displays and PC interfaces, only the U-LINK PC interface will capture all pulses at 10 kHz, no missing points.

Availability & Pricing

The QE12HR and QE25HR energy detectors are available now. OEM prices available on request, contact us!

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