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UV Measurement Systems with Discount!

In the light of the current situation, we are offering a 10% discount on all systems for measurement in the UV range!

COVID-19 Distinctly higher demand for UV-LEDs

High-energy, short-wave UVC radiation between 255 and 265 nm is a highly efficient method of destroying the DNA of microorganisms, e.g. Coronavirus, and prevents their replication and infection. In times of COVID 19, UV-LED based light sources are therefore in strong demand for the disinfection of medical products and treatment rooms. Before they can be placed on the market, however, they must be measured with a high degree of precision to ensure that they correctly determine the required spectral and radiometric properties.

Manufacturers of UV-LEDs and UV lamps will find a broad portfolio of high-end systems for UV-LED measurement from Instrument Systems at Te Lintelo Systems.

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