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We have a big news coming for our customers early in 2022.

gentec eoFrom our partner Gentec-EO who reveals plan to bring a new laser power and energy display device to the market in early 2022.

Gentec-EO’s team has been actively working on a new laser power and energy display device named MIRO ALTITUDE in the past year. The product is expected to be available in early 2022, but no exact date was shared with the public yet.

While the company has not been vocal about the device specifications so far, the expectations are high.

“Our users have requested several key features and functions for some time. Everyone at Gentec-EO is really excited about this opportunity to step up our product line with this new top-of-the-line laser power and energy display device that will fit the needs of even the most demanding users in this fast-moving market of laser systems.” says Stéphane Galibois, VP of Sales & Marketing at Gentec-EO.

Galibois then adds that “Gentec-EO’s customers can expect MIRO ALTITUDE to be definitely more of a revolution than an evolution from Gentec-EO’s current display devices offering as well as anything available on the market”.

The last time Gentec-EO released a display device was in 2011 with MAESTRO. At that time, MAESTRO was a disruptive product in the laser beam measurement industry and it has been a best-seller in this product line ever since. While it is still a very good product for most customers right now, we also need to adapt to our customers’ evolving needs and take advantage of new technologies to supercharge our products with features and functions not possible before.

Gentec-EO already announced that MAESTRO will remain available for purchase for quite some time and will continue supporting it for many years.

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