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561 nm DPPS-XT laser introduction on Photonics West by LASOS

LASOS extends their DPSS-XT line with a 561 nm (Yellow) laser, this model will be part of the DPSS-XT laser series product line.
Compact diode-pumped solid-state laser with integrated controller electronics Up to 100 mW output at 561nm.
561nm DPSS LAser Lasos 561 website datasheet icon


LASOS DPSS-XT 561nm laser series leaflet YLK
The LASOS® DPSS laser series provides excellent beam quality in a variety of wavelengths based on the latest progress in solid state laser technology.

The recently introduced LASOS® DPSS-XT laser series makes OEM integration even simpler and is also ideally suited for flexible laboratory operation. All
necessary control electronics are now fully integrated.

The LASOS® DPSS-XT laser series provides the ideal products for applications in:
· Spectroscopy
· Interferometry
· Confocal and fluorescence microscopy
· Bioanalytical research
· Particle measurements
· Metrology
· Industrial measurements
· Medical
· Science and education

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