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IsoPlane 81 – Compact Integrated and Aberration-Free Spectrograph

Teledyne Princeton Instruments
Changing the Landscape of Spectroscopic Imaging

The IsoPlane® 81 (previously known as FERGIE) is a compact, imaging spectrograph encompassing UV-NIR wavelengths ideal for microspectroscopy such as Raman, fluorescence, and absorption.

  • Aberration free
  • Optimal imaging from UV-NIR
  • 95% peak QE
  • Thermoelectric cooling to -55℃
  • IsoPlane 81 ecosystem with multiple accessories

Aberration-Free Optical Design

IsoPlane 81 spectral profiles are completely coma and aberration free, eliminating broadened asymmetric peak profiles over any wavelength at any grating angle.

This significantly improves signal to noise ratio and peak resolution.

Pre-Calibrated Accessories

IsoPlane 81’s pre-aligned optical modular spectroscopy cubes, fiber optics and laser sources enable rapid experiment design already pre-calibrated.

This allows for ultimate experimental flexibility, with accurate, repeatable, and easy spectral data acquisition.

Integrated Thermoelectrically Cooled, Back-Illuminated CCD

The IsoPlane 81 is equipped with a deep-cooled CCD detector, providing extreme high sensitivity with peak 95% QE.

Thermoelectric cooling to -45oC allows for long integration times ideal for faint signal detection.

In-Built Kinetics Spectroscopy Mode and Frame Transfer CCD

The customizable kinetics spectroscopy modes of the IsoPlane 81 allow for microsecond time resolution.

Full frame image capture at 34 fps is achieved due to the high-speed frame transfer CCD detector, with spectral rates over 1 kHz (10 row binning)

Family Specifications

Sensor format1024 x 256
Focal length80.0 mm
Aperture ratiof/4
Spectral resolution (FWHM)*0.1 nm
Spectrograph optics and spectral rangeProtected silver coating
400-1100 nm
Grating150 g/mm – 4320 g/mm
SlitsWidth: 10 – 500 μm
Height: 3.3 mm
Supported interfacesUSB 3.0

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