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Optics for UV Laser Applications

The plates in EKSMA Optics ion-beam sputtering coating chambers are spinning… And new products are being developed every month!

We have expanded the list of IBS coated catalog optics with new components designed for high power UV laser applications.

Nd:YAG LaserLine Harmonic Separators with High Transmission

New separators for the UV – 266 nm and 355 nm!

Reflection: R>99.5% at 355 nm, R>99.0% at 266 nm, transmission: T>98% at 532 nm, T>99% at 1064 nm

High LIDT: >1 J/cmat 266 nm, >5 J/cm2 at 355+532+1064 nm, 10 ns, 100 Hz

High Power Laser Mirrors for Nanosecond Applications

New high LIDT mirrors for 355 nm!

Reflected wavelength: R>99.8% at 355 nm, AOI = 0° or 45°; mirrors for other Nd:YAG harmonics available

High LIDT: >10 J/cm2 at 355 nm, measured at 10 ns, 100 Hz


Advanced Coatings based on Ion-Beam Sputtering Technology

EKSMA Optics ion-beam sputtered coating facility allows us to meet the most critical demands on laser optics.

Our optical engineering team can design and develop highly customized optical components, contact Monique! or Lars! to discuss your requirements.

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