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Pulse compressor and Peak-Field Booster

banner_Logo_OZ-opticsOur partner OZ Optics introduces its new “Pulse compressor and Peak-Field Booster”.
This compact passive device utilizes nonlinear effects from an optical fiber to surpass peak electric field limitations from an ultrafast optical source.

By attaching the device to the output of a pulsed laser source, the peak electric field can be increased by a factor of more than two with only minor adjustment.
The output pulse contains more frequency content than the optical source and has shorter pulse duration.
This allows for significant broadening of the bandwidth of output THz radiation.


  • higher output peak field
  • easy installation and alignment
  • compact and light weight platform
  • rugged and fiber-based design
  • tunable pulse-witdh compression
  • tunable spectral bandwidth expansion


  • THz Generation and Detection
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Nonlinear Optics

For more information, ask Monique and review this datasheet!

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