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Protective Face Shield

As we still hear that there is insufficient availability of protective equipment for health workers due to the current pandemic we are happy to be able to announce that we are able to help, too.
Our partner Laservision, part of UVEX has informed us about the following.

As we normally focus our work to protect people from laser radiation, we now have medical face shields available.

Now available from our online shop!


  • EN 166 standard protective face shield for single use
  • One size fits all, head sizes in the range 54-64 cm
  • Fixation on the head with elastic band
  • PET lens, 0.3 mm, inside fog-free coating
  • Soft foam inner padding ensures high wearing comfort even when worn for longer periods
  • Helps to keep the face free from dirt and liquids
  • Suitable to keep the face free from contamination of body fluids such as blood and spit
  • Not suitable for protection against mechanical hazards, such as flying particles with higher energy
  • Space-saving flat-fold packaging

Full specsheet link here.

With these splash guard are to cover a part of the high request for those shields due to COVID-19 for doctors, clinics, police, food shops etc.

Please contact Lars in our office or your quotation.

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Now available from our online shop!

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