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SphereSpectro 150H – UV-VIS-IR spectrophotometer

Shortens the working time in your measurement application and delivers high-precision, absolute measurement results. Measures the spectral absorption coefficient (µa) and the spectral, effective scattering coefficients (µs - also called reduced scattering coefficient) of diffuse and clear samples, regardless of…

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SphereSpectro 150H

Innovative spectrometer system for determining the scattering and absorption coefficients of turbid media With the new and unique SphereSpectro 150H spectrometer system, from our partner, Gigahertz-Optik offers a solution for simultaneously determining the spectral absorption and scattering coefficients for scattering…

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Simplifying spectroscopy – Enlighten

In contemporary science, spectroscopy is often just one of many tools used in the lab or field to solve a larger problem. That's why we've designed our Raman and UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy systems to be as flexible, configurable, and easy to use…

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TPIR-785 Raman – Highest-Sensitivity Raman Spectrometer

Why NIR Raman? Benefits Autofluorescence from biological specimens introduces severe interference to UV/VIS Raman spectral data and obscures the analysis results. Working with longer-wavelength excitation lasers (e.g., 785 nm and 830 nm) can reduce or eliminate the fluorescence background. Longer-wavelength…

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remote CSS-45 with CSS-D spectroradiometer

Some light measurement applications require the light sensor to be installed within a measurement system or op-erated remotely. Industrial applica-tions often require integration with PLC systems. Continuous and remote operation requires light measurement sensors to be robust. For such tasks,…

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