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The New Timing Generator – TG10

Eksma Optics presenting the new Timing Generator TG10 dedicated to the synchronization of laser systems and laser components: Pockels cell drivers, acousto-optical modulator drivers, laser diode and flash lamp drivers, detectors, data acquisition systems, laser pulse pickers, etc. The TG10…

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Precision Polishing and IBS Thin Film Coating

Our partner EKSMA Optics in-house manufacturing facilities allow them to offer great flexibility in the production of custom optical lenses. They aim to meet the highest precision requirements, whether it‘s prototyping or batch production. And now they can do it…

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Optics for UV Laser Applications

The plates in EKSMA Optics ion-beam sputtering coating chambers are spinning… And new products are being developed every month! We have expanded the list of IBS coated catalog optics with new components designed for high power UV laser applications. Nd:YAG…

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Precision Aspheric Lenses from Eksma Optics

Over the last few years, our partner Eksma have been deliberately and consistently investing in our CNC optical lens polishing facility and building their capabilities to offer cost-efficient aspheric lenses for our customers. New advanced manufacturing equipment and skilled production workforce have…

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