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Getting Raman Right

The process of transforming a Raman spectrum into a dependable "answer" or solution to a problem takes many steps. It starts with careful research and method development in the lab, and comes to life with custom instrumentation, optimization, and pilot…

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Product Trio for Raman

Our partner Wasatch Photonics, Inc. introduces a robust, affordable and flexible Raman spectroscopy system comprised of three new components. The innovative WP-785-ER-L combines a high throughput, high-resolution, f/1.3 Raman spectrometer with an onboard excitation laser in a single, compact instrument, forming…

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Simplifying spectroscopy – Enlighten

In contemporary science, spectroscopy is often just one of many tools used in the lab or field to solve a larger problem. That's why we've designed our Raman and UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy systems to be as flexible, configurable, and easy to use…

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TPIR-785 Raman – Highest-Sensitivity Raman Spectrometer

Why NIR Raman? Benefits Autofluorescence from biological specimens introduces severe interference to UV/VIS Raman spectral data and obscures the analysis results. Working with longer-wavelength excitation lasers (e.g., 785 nm and 830 nm) can reduce or eliminate the fluorescence background. Longer-wavelength…

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Rapid Plastic Identification with Extended Range Raman

Plastic waste is a growing issue in this enclosed ecosystem we call Earth. As landfills grow, we must forgo our single-use mentality and embrace recycling to create a more responsible plastic economy. Identification of plastic types for separation is key…

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Fergie raman Princeton Instruments

Fergie 532nm Raman accessories

Princeton Instruments has released a set of 532nm Raman accessories for its easy-to-use, aberration-free Fergie spectrometer. The new accessories include f-matched Focusing Cubes as well as Raman Cubes with fully aligned Raman notches and clean-up filters. Raman measurements at 532nm…

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