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Cobra 1600, Deeper OCT Imaging

Our partner Wasatch Photonics did introduce the NEW Cobra 1600 spectrometer. It offers the sensitivity and contrast you need to image deeper into highly scattering materials, and the broad bandwidth to collect detailed images. Ideal for deep-tissue 3D imaging and…

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Simplifying spectroscopy – Enlighten

In contemporary science, spectroscopy is often just one of many tools used in the lab or field to solve a larger problem. That's why we've designed our Raman and UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy systems to be as flexible, configurable, and easy to use…

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Rapid Plastic Identification with Extended Range Raman

Plastic waste is a growing issue in this enclosed ecosystem we call Earth. As landfills grow, we must forgo our single-use mentality and embrace recycling to create a more responsible plastic economy. Identification of plastic types for separation is key…

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plastic analysys raman 785 wasatch photonics

Wasatch at PhotonicsWest 2019

Meet Wasatch at Photonics West 2019, and have a look to the new products the show at Photonics West this week, it's really just the beginning. We're expanding on every front in 2019 - by extending our product offerings &…

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